Posts published on February 2017

Version 5.3.1 (build 2)

Features, Versions

New Features:

  • HLine parameter which make it part of the Price range calculation.
    This will make sure the line is always inside the View-Port.
  • Alignment values for HLine to enable showing the label above or below the line.
  • hAxis has now properties (backward compatible):
    • showLastDate – To force showing last candle date (false by default).
    • showFutureDates – Show future dates (true by default).
  • StopExpiration API to change the Chart mode from BinaryOption expiration to regular left scrolling chart.
  • Enabling expiration back via UpdateExpirationField.
  • Adding label API has a new property, strLabelAlignment to set the alignment of the label inside the BOX and iLabelPadding, to set the padding for this label.