Posts published on January 2018

Version 6.3.X Highlights

Features, Versions
  • ChartCore size reduced by 17%.
  • New Shapes API
  • New price axis property “smartRound”, which makes better display and formating of price axis labels.
  • New Callback for zoom “OnZoomChangeCallback” to enable overwriting zoom. It also enables customer to save and restore zoom per required states, like per timescale. So user will have persistence zoom on each period based on his last selection.
  • User can now save updated indicator settings as default.
  • Html pattern files combined to reduce bandwidth.
  • Toolbar buttons support dropdown with Text and Labels.
  • Menu supports scrollbar when menu is longer than height.
  • User can now move Horizontal Lines (e.g. Stop Loss / Take Profit) when supplying “movewithmouse” and “callback” properties to an HLine.