Posts published on August 2017

Version 6.2.X – Highlights

Features, Versions
  • Create any indicator on any panel and move indicators between panels.
  • Move volume between price panel and a separate panel.
    Infrastructure to display events, news, split, dividend and patterns on Chart with new Signals – Interface.
  • Optimization and Cleanup.
  • Batch properties update for Shapes.
  • Out of range markers to show price lines rendered outside price-range viewport.
  • Support long EPOCH (Unix DateTime) dates.
  • API SetZoomOnDates to zoom on a specific date range with padding.
  • Several Volume based indicators (CMF and OBV).
  • Callbacks to load / save Technical analysis:
    events.chart.onCanSaveTA and events.chart.onCanLoadTA
  • Panel title can optionally have a collapse / expand button to show/hide additional indicators on the panel.
  • Time-frame display can optionally be a time-scale select drop-box