Posts published on October 2018

Version 6.5.X Highlights

Features, Versions
  • Sliding in mobile up/down with a single finger for page and two fingers for chart slide. The page slide didn’t work correctly.
  • Ability to add attributes to a menu.
  • Support for dynamic tooltips for buttons.
  • Big-values format. Price and each indicator support a new “BigValueFormat” property with a configuration for rounding big numbers. e.g. 1.23B, 4.56M, 1.16K.
  • Chart supports creating a trade line (long, short, SL, TP, etc…) by enabling click capture and a callback for the customer logic, via CaptureNextClick API.
  • Indicators level values (e.g. 30, 70 at RSI) are being format with the same precision as the rest of the values.
  • None combined mode: Version 6.5 and newer releases will only include the combined files as there is no need any more for separate modules.
  • New init flag “TwoFingersPriceSlide” and API “EnableTwoFingersPriceSlide”. When set to true, one finger up/down swipe on chart will slide the page and two fingers to move the price / indicator. The default is false with one finger to move price / indicator