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Load and Save Technical Analysis Definitions

API, How-to

The following API calls offers saving and loading of the entire Chart
state, including price-type, time-scale, selected symbol, drawings and

Get Data From The Chart (For Saving):

blnSymbolBooleanTrue to include current symbol id and name.
blnTimeScaleBooleanTrue to include current time-scale.
blnDrawingBooleanTrue to include all drawings.
blnIndicatorsBooleanTrue to include all indicators.
blnPriceTypeBooleanTrue to include the current price-type.

Return Value
The return value is the definition JSON object.

Loading Data Back Into The Chart:

objJSONObjectJavaScript objectThe Technical Analysis data

Return Value
There is no returned value




Callbacks For Timing Load/Save Of Data

In addition, you can add callbacks to the chart in order to know when it is safe to load or save this data.

The first parameter is for Future-Use (please ignore it). You can use the symbol and timescale as key for saving.

Version 5.3.1

Features, Versions

New Features:

  • Support compact Core release for mobile.
    Reduces above 20% of the ChartCore combined file by removing unneeded code for mobile.
  • Scripts-Injection for changing the Symbols browse form style (e.g. fields’ alignment) and brand logo water mark.
  • Draw above / below range with gradient fill.
  • Draw labels with a position option of left, center, right or on a specific candle with dynamic style and surrounding box.
  • Ability to change the price style on the fly.
    e.g. change the price line color based on a user position VS last price.
  • Horizontal padding on the left side of the date axis.
  • Ability to define the number of price labels on price axis and the space between them.
    The labels will be centered vertically.


  • Price style is now saved with the template / analysis.

Bugs Fix:

  • Problem when opening saved templates converted from the FLEX version.
  • StdDev calculation for Bollinger-Bands
  • Volume not fully aligned with the candles.
  • Area rendering bug from V5.3.0.
  • Firefox issues with symbol display area (Asset name overlapped the time-scale label).

Version 5.3.0

Features, Versions

New Features:

  • Two API calls to fetch and set indicators and drawings: GetTAObject and SetTAObject.
    When fetching the current system, new flag enable fetching symbol, timescale, drawings, indicators and/or price-type.
  • Time-Toolbar has new configurable buttons, where you define the time-range to display instead of time-scales (e.g. YTD, ALL, 5Y), where 5Y = last 5 years of data.
  • Price type now saves/loads with each system.
  • A new VRange shape with gradient style via the AddVRangeV2 API call.
  • Customer can define the number of price labels and the spacing between them via numLabels and vAxis.labelStepSize API properties.
  • Animated glowing circle on real-time tick via AnimLightDot API property.
  • Custom load-time animation graphics via events.layout.onPreloadStart and function callbacks.
  • API to change asset-search request-delay time via  objChartMain1.apiinit.searchDelay


  • TimeScale menu and toolbar items are text and now supports any timescale variation (e.g. 7h, 39m, 50s, etc…).
    Your server will have to support these historical time-scales.