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Features, Versions

Version 5.3.1 (Build 3)

New Features:

  • API SetNumFuturesBars to change the future bars buffer’s size and zoom length after switching off expiration mode.
  • Two new properties for vAxis to limit drawing range away from top and bottom.
    vMarginPixelsBottom and vMarginPixelsTop.
  • API doc has new hAxis and vAxis sections.
  • ZoomOnDateRange API to zoom on a specific time-range.
  • API AddImage / DeleteImage to add / delete an image shape.

Bugs Fix:

  • Only first text shape is loaded if more than one.
  • MFI indicator, when negative flow is zero showed 99.01 instead of 100.
  • The Chart doesn’t show the right number of dates when the number of candles is small.