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Version 6.1.1


  • Performance improvements.
    • Code efficiency
    • Caching for better JQuery searches.
    • Reduce search when components are invisible or not-loaded.

New Features:

  • Panel title can collapse to save more space. Enabled via layout configuration.
  • Logging systems by level (debug, error …)
  • Add support for local storage to save information at user computer.
  • New events for system global properties
  • “fillOpacity2” attribute for price area to enable different opacity for fill and fill2 colors.
  • API GetPriceType to get the current price type.
  • API SetPriceTypeStyle to set the new style for a specific price-type.
  • API CleanUp to clear inside references of chart.
  • Support additional majors, called “user majors” to allow having platform’s majors along side of user selected majors.


  • Problem with add new item for majors if majors menu is empty.
  • Problem with add new item for compare if compare menu is empty
  • Problem with add new item for indicators if compare indicators is empty
  • In RTL the vertical axis shows incorrectly. The labels alignment is wrong.