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Features, Versions

Version 5.3.1

New Features:

  • Support compact Core release for mobile.
    Reduces above 20% of the ChartCore combined file by removing unneeded code for mobile.
  • Scripts-Injection for changing the Symbols browse form style (e.g. fields’ alignment) and brand logo water mark.
  • Draw above / below range with gradient fill.
  • Draw labels with a position option of left, center, right or on a specific candle with dynamic style and surrounding box.
  • Ability to change the price style on the fly.
    e.g. change the price line color based on a user position VS last price.
  • Horizontal padding on the left side of the date axis.
  • Ability to define the number of price labels on price axis and the space between them.
    The labels will be centered vertically.


  • Price style is now saved with the template / analysis.

Bugs Fix:

  • Problem when opening saved templates converted from the FLEX version.
  • StdDev calculation for Bollinger-Bands
  • Volume not fully aligned with the candles.
  • Area rendering bug from V5.3.0.
  • Firefox issues with symbol display area (Asset name overlapped the time-scale label).