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Features, Versions

Version 5.3.0

New Features:

  • Two API calls to fetch and set indicators and drawings: GetTAObject and SetTAObject.
    When fetching the current system, new flag enable fetching symbol, timescale, drawings, indicators and/or price-type.
  • Time-Toolbar has new configurable buttons, where you define the time-range to display instead of time-scales (e.g. YTD, ALL, 5Y), where 5Y = last 5 years of data.
  • Price type now saves/loads with each system.
  • A new VRange shape with gradient style via the AddVRangeV2 API call.
  • Customer can define the number of price labels and the spacing between them via numLabels and vAxis.labelStepSize API properties.
  • Animated glowing circle on real-time tick via AnimLightDot API property.
  • Custom load-time animation graphics via events.layout.onPreloadStart and function callbacks.
  • API to change asset-search request-delay time via  objChartMain1.apiinit.searchDelay


  • TimeScale menu and toolbar items are text and now supports any timescale variation (e.g. 7h, 39m, 50s, etc…).
    Your server will have to support these historical time-scales.